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Plastic Tray
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ДИ026 А 600 400 84 1,2

If a place of dirt and water local accumulation is not exposed to pressure exceeding 1.5 tons per a square meter, it is not car traffic area, for example, the area under drainage pipes, an entrance plastic tray can be applied as one of the most uncomplicated versions of pinpoint waterway, which can be installed before the house near doorsteps and entrance doors.

Plastic entrance tray - installation

It is possible to install such an entrance tray both outdoors at the building entry and inside the premises of the building, however in this case different bases shall be installed under the product. If requested the construction can be mounted with a groundwater drainage underlaid to the system or it can be left as a self-contained system.

Advantages of plastic trays

Entrance plastic tray serves not so much as a tool for excessive water collection and drainage as it clears out from dirt shoes soles of people entering the house, therefore it is required to clean it regularly from the gathered trash. ТМ Ecoteck plastic tray has been constructed together with a tray grid, which can be removed easily, inside content can be quickly cleaned and it can be placed back without any effort.

In case the product has a connection to a drainage system, then its maintenance and operation is even more convenient. In order to clean a tray connected to the drainage, it will be sufficient to pour it with a couple of water pails even without grid removal. Water will wash off, carry out all dirt and rubbish into the drainage.

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