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Component Parts of Channel Drainage Systems

Correct mounting of water drain line system is a guaranty for safe-keeping and integrity of building foundation and decorative facade covering. Therewith water draining is also important to exclude the destruction of paving flags and concreted areas.

Since it is necessary to prevent water from entering underneath the building and other structures throughout the plot, a water drain line system is used for this purpose. Here we mean rain, snow slush, and etc.

Water collection channel is applied as the main component of such system. Water enters the channel and therethrough it moves via system chutes and gets into the storm sewer system.

System components

Water collection from the surface of the plot is performed by integrating a number of components. The central part of such system is a channel.

However, in order to ensure an efficient water collection and removal outside the plot some other elements are used:

  • fixing bead;
  • plugs, applicable for cast iron grids,;
  • plug for plastic channels;
  • plug adapter. It is designed for connection with the plastic channels.


It is a fixing bead used in grids made of cast iron alloy. Such grids are installed on the plastic channel collectors. Such grids are very stable and are able to sustain considerable loads.

Plugs for cast iron grids

These products are used for blocking channel communication with the remaining part of water drainage system. It can be essential upon damage of one or other system components or with purposes of water storage for irrigation.

The mentioned plugs are inserted directly in the channels.

Plug adapter

These products fulfill a jointing function. It is used in those constructions which have different diameters. With the use of adapters mentioned constructions can be communicated with each other and thus form an integral system of surface drain line system.

They have height slightly over15 cm and weight equal to 300 g. The items are very easy to use, they are not exposed to corrosion and can serve for a long period of time.

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