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Instalace odvodňovacích žlabů

Instalace odvodňovacích žlabů

ECOTECK drainage gutters are installed in the trench on the bottom concrete layer, where concrete grade is no lower than В25 (concrete thickness and grade shall correspond to gutter load class). Lateral fastening of drainage gutters is performed in the form of concrete slopes from the drainage gutter walls toward the trench base on each gutter side.

It is necessary to start laying from connection of the outlet pipe to the sand trap or last gutter in the line (if sand tarp is absent).

Concrete casting of drainage gutters is performed only with installed grids in order to avoid gutter deformation upon installation. False stulls (wooden, plastic, and similar) can be used instead of grids to protect the gutters from undesirable deformations caused by horizontal lateral loads. For gutters with hydraulic sections from 100 to 200 mm it is advisable to use at least 3 stulls.

Base load-bearing capacity shall be not less than gutter load-bearing capacity. If base load-bearing capacity is lower, it is necessary to increase concrete pad thickness or use concrete of higher grade for hooping base.

ECOTECK drainage gutters have appropriate holes in the gutter bottom and side walls for connecting sewer pipes of various diameter (from 50 to 160 mm). Such holes are closed by technological polymer layer, which if necessary can be removed. Drainage system can be quickly connected to sewer system by means of appropriate sewer pipes (Fig. 1).

For this purpose we advise to use PVC-U pipes designed for application in outdoor conditions (usually of ginger color) rather than polypropylene pipes (of grey, white color), designed for indoor applications.

Before gutter concrete casting it is recommended to check bolt fixture of grids. Bolts shall be tightened hard. If necessary, perform additional tightening of the bolts.

Drainage gutters of D400 and E600 load class shall be embedded in the concrete hooping, grasping the gutter throughout its entire height, including its steel edge. Before concrete casting it is necessary to unbend onwards all steel edge hitches for the value equal to half-value of hooping side wall thickness (Fig.2)

For guaranteed concrete filling of narrow cavities between outward ribs and other elements on the gutter side walls, it is necessary to use concrete with filler grains no more than 2.5 mm.

Ecoteck surface water drain line systems (production in the Republic of Belarus) 

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