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Plastové rošty

Stormwater drain is the most important part of urban communication systems and homestead lands. One of the main elements of such a sewer are plastic stomwater grates, which perform many important functions. Their main purposes can be identified as follows:

Odtok dešťové vody je nejdůležitější částí městských komunikačních systémů a pozemků. Jedním z hlavních prvků takového kanalizačního systému jsou plastové rohože, které plní mnoho důležitých funkcí. Jejich hlavní cíle lze identifikovat takto:

1. Reliable protection against the ingress of large debris. It minimizes the risk of the premature system clogging.

2. Creation of comfortable environment and safe movement for both the pedestrians and vehicles.

3. Due to the attractive appearance, the decorative storm grids make the sewerage system visually complete.

As can be seen from the above indicated, plastic storm grates are multifunctional. They differ from each other in size and material used. The most common grates today are plastic ones, which are very often found at homestead lands. In addition, they are also used for the land improvement of parks.

Plastic rainwater grids - advantages:

  • low weight;
  • ease of installation;
  • affordable cost;
  • protection from the negative effects of corrosion;
  • thick ribs of the construction ensure its high level of mechanical strength;
  • if necessary, the grids can be adjusted according to the desired size.

The smooth surface provides excellent carrying capacity. But we shouldn’t forget that the plastic grids are unable to withstand substantial loads. Therefore, they cannot be used on the roads, as well as near the garages and vehicles’ parking.

In order the grate to cope greatly with its tasks, there should be paid special attention to the issue of its installation. As was mentioned above, the installation of these products isn’t very complicated. Even laymen will manage to do it. However, it should be borne in mind that it must fit the other elements of the sewerage system. Otherwise, the grate will quickly deteriorate and will no longer cope with its tasks.

Modern manufacturers, given the strong demand from customers, offer them a huge variety of models. Users can choose plastic storm grids not only as per the required size, but also the appearance. If a private house is built according to an individual, carefully thought-out design project, the grates can be a decent decoration for it. Thanks to its low cost, the owners of private homes can change the old grates with new ones if necessary.

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