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Plastic catch basin drains

Plastic Catch Basin
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ДИ034 А-С 314 314 300 2,4

The catch basin is destined for the local collection of rain and melt water from any surface, including house roofs, if the drain pipes are connected to them. The most effective and economical basin is considered by the experts to be precisely plastic catch basin with all its undeniable advantages over other types. Among them are: low weight, ease of installation and subsequent use, durability and frost resistance. Transportation doesn’t require any special cars or large brigade of workers. Plastic catch basins are robust enough, because special technology is used in the process of their manufacture, as well as plastic adapted to heavy loads. Ecoteck catch basins demonstrate unique performance and high quality.

Purchase a catch basin - what you need to know

Selecting a plastic catch basin, there should be taken into account the possibility of its installation at the desired depth. When mounting the plastic catch basin, it is rather important the surface, which is adjacent to the drainage system, to be at least 4-5 mm above its dorsal edge. You will soon solve all the issues concerning the high-quality and fairly easy installation of the pinpoint waterway by purchasing the Ecoteck plastic catch basin, as our specialists have extensive experience of work with a variety of drainage system parts, and therefore they can give you a professional advise. Unlike typical catch basins, these ones come with buildups that make it possible to install a plastic catch basin at different depths. The Ecoteck catch basins have coupling joints with pipes D160, 110, 50 on all the 4 sides, and joints with plastic channels DN100 h65, 175, 125 on each side.

Purchase plastic catch basins for their reliability and aesthetics

The top of the catch basin is covered with a decorative grid that can be selected depending on the preliminary calculated load on the basin. The grids for the catch basins keep the system save from the large debris ingress. Ecoteck produces and offers several types of grids for plastic catch basins designed for different loads. The plastic catch basins, as well as high-quality grids, will serve for many years. The catch basins for local drainage have smooth walls, and this property will contribute to more effective drainage as the catch basins won’t get overgrown with ooze or clogged. To clear such a basin, one don’t need to be a professional. All the work can be performed by one person in a relatively short period of time.

Plastic grids from our company withstand the load of up to 1.5t/m2 (Class A) and up to 12.5t/m2 (Class B), while and cast-iron ones withstand the load of up to 25t/m2 (Class C).

On our site, there is an installation diagram of a catch basin drain, which will help you easily mount the system without any problems.

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