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Doorway Drainage Installation Instruction

Doorway Drainage Installation Instruction

Fig. 1. If you are installing the tray without connection to the sewerage system is necessary to align the subgrade.
Fig. 2. Install the the grid and completely concreted the tray along the perimeter.

Fig. 3. Check whether the installation is horizontal. If necessary to adjust. Around the installed pallet lay the tiles.
Fig. 4. In case of installation with connection to the sewer pipe to connect the bottom pipe (diameter of 110 mm) and set the the tray on the concrete basis.

Fig. 5. Install the grid. Check the previous leveling and concreting operations.
Fig. 6. Finally put in order the installation place and surrounding area.

It makes sense to provide for dirt-guard system as early as at the building development project stage, as it is practicable to connect an entrance tray with the storm system on the construction stage or at the stage of total building renovation. Trays can be installed in groups, selected it according to appropriate sizes. Thus, a dirt-guard area is being created at the entrance.
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