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Klasifikace dle zátěže

Klasifikace dle zátěže
А CLASS 15, LOAD VALUE 15 KN (up to 1.5 t per 1 sq. m.)
Pedestrian areas , bicycle lanes, private garages, land improvements, pavements, bicycle lanes, public gardens (pedestrian loads)
В CLASS 125, LOAD VALUE 125 KN (up to 12.5 t per 1 sq. m.)
Roads with passenger cars traffic, passenger car parking, private house building, pedestrian areas, private garages, gardens and parks
С CLASS 250, LOAD VALUE 250 KN (up to 25 t per 1 sq. m.)
Auto service enterprises, passenger cars and trucks parking, road sides, pedestrian areas
D CLASS 400, LOAD VALUE 400 KN (up to 40 t per 1 sq. m)
Transport terminals, automobile enterprises, industrial areas, filling stations, car wash sites, highways
E CLASS 600, LOAD VALUE 600 KN (up to 60 t per 1 sq. m)
Industrial enterprises, berths, warehouses, motorways, industrial enterprises, berths, filling stations, transport terminals and warehouses.
F CLASS 900, LOAD VALUE 900 KN (up to 90 t per 1 sq. m)
Airports, warehouse terminals, industrial areas, logistic complexes, areas with high loads on road surface.


Note: Catalogue includes our latest developments as of date of catalogue publication. We reserve the right to introduce changes in the products’ technical specifications and installation instructions. Buyers on their own shall check the received product data and if necessary to consult with qualified field specialists. Visit our website or contact us in order to receive the latest information on our products.

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