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Instrukce k instalaci

Instrukce k instalaci

Guidelines on rainwater basin installation:

1. Determine which drainage hole of the rainwater basin is suitable for connected pipe. Remove the plug.

2. Connect a pipe to rainwater basin by a bellied side.

3. Install a rainwater basin into the prepared base.

4. Fill the space around rainwater basin with moist concrete till the upper pipe edge and tamp the concrete down. The grid shall not be installed in advance.

5. Make sure that the surface adjacent to upper edge of the rainwater basin is 3-5 mm higher than its upper edge.

6. It is necessary to install longitudinal and cross-sectional temperature compensating joint in order to balance horizontal force.

If your region is characterized with abundant precipitation, the volume of drain waters can be increased. For this purpose you only need to install plastic rainwater basins one on each other.

It is advisable to connect roof water drain pipe directly to the rainwater basin itself in order to prevent water spraying. 

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